Livestream Requets: Okita (Gintama)

November 25, 2010

Weird Face ;___;

First of three livestream requests… (Sorry, I will spam now X_X )
Okita is a lot of fun to draw~ *o*

I like the colours but not how the face turned out.


Junkart: Random Hiroto + Flowers

November 24, 2010

Super random Hiroto that doesn't even look like him

I just felt like drawing him. This picture is so boring and standard xD””
He must be older here… :’D

Junkart: Inazuma11 Goenji

November 17, 2010

Really quick junk. Didn’t even take 10 minutes X_X
but I wanted to draw something. and I wanted to draw Goenji so badly ;A;
(actually I have tons of picture ideas xD ahaha)