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WIP: German Brothers and Soccer

November 8, 2010

It's too much fun to draw Lutz ;A; ❤

On the left you can see my color scheme.. .OTL I wonder if it will turn out or if I am gonna change it in the end xD ahah.
(I am pretty sure I will change xD””)


EDIT: Finished the picture


WiP: Trick or Treat Part 1 (OkiKagu)

October 28, 2010

Um… yes.  So here is the first part of my Halloween fanart. (lineart only though xD)

Trick Or Treat Part1 WiP

Second part I will show recently when I am done with the whole thing ❤

Okita and Kagura from Gintama.
Halloween must have been made for those two~
I can imagine the fun they must have ;A; ❤