Sketchbookpage: Of Kisses (DRRR!, Reborn, GinTama)

Of Kisses

Of Kisses

Page out of my sketchbook where I practiced drawing kisses.

MukuTsuna, GinHiji, IzaKida and KidaMika xD It’s from sometimes in the summer :’D


4 Responses to “Sketchbookpage: Of Kisses (DRRR!, Reborn, GinTama)”

  1. Kouhai Says:

    Love the GinHiji and IzaKida ones! *Q*
    Sadly, the KidaMika seems like Kida’s just in Mikado’s face. I like Kida’s expression, though ^^

    • routasu Says:

      Thank you ❤

      ehhh What do you mean with "just in Mikado's face"? XD (I mean.. I like the GinHiji one and the IzaKida one the best, too xD'' )

      • Kouhai Says:

        I mean, it doesn’t really look like kissing but Kida being very, VERY close (“in his face”) to Mikado’s face. :/

      • routasu Says:

        Oh yes…. xD I know what you mean.
        It’s funny how I think that soft kisses are harder to draw than deep kisses… X_X

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