Mukuro and little Tsuna

Eh… NOT romantically involved here (just to make this clear)

Sketch I colored out of my sketchbook xD just some quick junk!

Picture here~

Mukuro and Child Tsuna

I just feel that they look cute together like this.  Kind of like getting a warm feeling or something.


2 Responses to “Mukuro and little Tsuna”

  1. Nanashi Shion Says:

    I agree with you Lancha-San…it’s feel really warm and brotherlove (?) xD. I know they aren’t…but somehow it feels like that 😀

    • routasu Says:

      Definetly ;A; brotherlove might describe it.
      like tsuna is so innocent and mukuro is influenced by it. OTL (like in the series… just that tsuna is no child there xD)

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